LS Dual Power Steering Pump Kit


For use with Gen III / Gen IV Chevy TRUCK engines only.

Put two power steering pumps on your rig to get the additional hydraulic volume required to have the best steering imaginable.

This kit is good if you have one steering axle that you just want to perform better or if you have two steering axles and you want separate systems so that you can steer both at the same time.

You can use two TC pumps, two CB pumps, or one of each. They must be remote reservoir pumps. Comes with everything you need to mount either.

Due to the many configurations possible with this kit it does not include pulleys or a serpentine belt. Kit contains detailed instructions with many full-size color pictures to guide you through installation and tell you which pulleys to use and which belts fit.

Once you experience two pumps you'll wonder how you ever did it with one. Steering without compromise!


Different idler pulleys ship if you are using 5.5" pump pulleys so please choose one or the other from the above drop down box when ordering.

Download PDF Instructions Here