Colorful SeaDoo Throttle Lever Knobs


These are a great way to dress up your SeaDoo Jet Boat.  The stock throttle lever knobs fade in the sun, get dull with time, were only ever made red, and strip easily.  These 3D printed replacement knobs not only allow you to change the color of your knobs, but also update them to a better design that uses real stainless hardware for fastening instead of a self-tapping screw into plastic.

If your throttle levers look like these, they will fit.  They will also fit the reverse gate shifter if you want.  Please note that there is a tang on the inside that mates up to a slot inside the lever during installation.  Price is per lever and includes shipping in the USA.  If you have two engines you'll need to buy two of these.  If you have two engines and you also want to do your reverse gate shifter, you'll need three.  Make sure to select your desired color.

These are printed per order, so please allow up to a week to ship.  Also, please understand that these are 3D printed on an FDM printer.  If you look closely you can see layer lines on the outside and the inside is rough due to the limitations of 3d printing.  (Only one side can be smooth.)  The roughness on the inside does not affect appearance or function once installed and the layer lines on the outside are only evident upon extreme close inspection.  If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product upon receipt just return them for a full refund.