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Have you ever ordered something over the phone and had to repeat the spelling of your last name or street three times?  Afterwards did you think, "It will be a miracle if they got that right."

Or does this conversation sound familiar to you?  "I'm sorry, your card was declined.  Repeat that number back to me and I'll try it again." is all about saving our customers money through efficiency without compromise on quality.  We have found that 99.9% of all sales can be handled most efficiently through direct interaction with this website.  By the customer handling their own data entry they are ensured that everything is accurate and the chances of their shipment ending up in Guatemala by mistake are greatly reduced.  This also means that we don't have to pay an operator 40 hours per week to sit around and wait for a phone to ring.  We pass these savings directly on to our customers.

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed by this website feel free to use the form below to contact us.  Alternatively, you can email us direct at  We make every effort to return inquiries in a timely fashion ... immediately most of the time!  If your concern is of an urgent nature that can not be addressed through the above avenues feel free to call or text us at (850) 290-4003.