About Us

Patooyee's Parts was founded in 2011 by Jeremy Divin, aka "patooyee."  Patooyee is one of those guys who wants it all but doesn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it.  He loves to learn, research, and fab all in effort to save money while obtaining a superior level of performance in his 4x4 vehicles.  Everything he has learned through 20 years or so of off roading is put into the products he sells.  If he doesn't think he can offer something unique that the 4x4 community needs, he won't.  He didn't start this place as a job.  He did it to offer the 4x4 community something they didn't have previously and hopes you enjoy!


Here are some video highlights of Jeremy and the buggy that he built.  The rig features Patooyee's Parts LS Block Mount and Head Mount Plates, Dual Power Steering Pump Kit, Rockwell  Wilwood Pinion Brakes, Bomb Pans, and Boot Guards.