Rockwell Pinion Brake Kit (Uses Toyota Caliper ONLY)


This item is a 2.5-ton rockwell pinion brake kit we came up with to address some of the short-comings we found in other kits. After running other setups I found I wanted more versatility in caliper mounting and the largest rotor I could squeeze in there for more braking power and slower heat face. The advantages of our kit include:

- 4 caliper mounting positions

- Uses a massive 12.19 inch rotor that is much larger than the Mazda rotor other kits use.

- Uses a 1986 Toyota 4x4 truck front caliper that is easily and cheaply found at your local parts store.

There are two CNC laser cut pieces to this kit made out of 3/8” steel. Kit includes all mounting hardware. This is one kit for one axle/pinion. If you want to do both axles you will need to buy two. This kit comes unassembled and unpainted WITH rotor. If you want to source your own rotor use the option that does not include a rotor above. The caliper, and brake pads are NOT included in this kit. Kit includes instruction sheet for assembly and parts buying. This Pinion Brake Kit is tough, smart and affordable…our idea of the perfect combination. FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY!

Select WITH or WITHOUT rotor options above.


The caliper bracket included in this kit is different than the caliper bracket included in the Wilwood Kit!

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