Product Instructions

Instructions for Rockwell Bomb Pan February 10 2016

It is easiest to install your Bomb Pan with the axle out of the vehicle on a stand of some sort that can safely and effectively support the weight of the 700+ lbs. axle.  In addition, you will need to flip the axle over several times and remove / reinstall the third member a few times.  The third member weighs about 220 lbs.  Do not attempt to lift it without the aid of a heavy lifting device such as an engine lift, chain hoist, or fork lift.

  1. Remove third member using engine lift, fork lift, chain hoist, or other heavy-lift device.
  1. Mark the stock pan about ¼” up from the base. You can use a scrap piece of ¼” steel to judge the distance.
  2. Cut the stock pan off using the line that you marked as a guide. Clean up the edges and inside of the housing so that oil is not dripping everywhere.
  3. Reinstall third member.
  4. Use a flat surface that is safe to weld on to lay the Bomb Pan pieces out to be tack-welded in place as they will be installed on the axle. Using a piece of ¼” scrap material under the front and rear edges helps to support the pieces properly.
  5. Tack-weld the pieces together.
  6. With the axle upside down and the bull gear sticking up and out of where the stock pan used to be, lay a piece or two of scrap material on the top of the bull gear as spacers to prevent the Bomb Pan from being welded on too close to the gear. Anywhere from 3/8” to ½” is appropriate.
  7. Lay the Bomb Pan on the axle.
  8. Mark any areas that prevent it from sitting down on top of the scrap metal spacers. Use a grinder to grind these areas down to allow the Bomb Pan to seat in a fashion such that any gaps are minimized and it is sitting on the scrap metal spacers.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the fit, remove the Bomb Pan and weld the seams INSIDE AND OUT. Take your time and lay good beads.  Any porous or incomplete welds may result in leaking once the Bomb Pan is welded to the axle.  Failure to weld inside and out may result in cracked seams later on when the Bomb Pan has been beat on by rocks.  If you are installing a drain fitting of some sort, allow the Bomb Pan to cool and do so now. Otherwise proceed to step 10.
  10. Allow the Bomb Pan to cool and then place it back on the axle / spacers. Make sure you are satisfied with the fitment and weld it on around the entire outer edge, again making sure to lay a good bead so that there are no leaks.

  11. Remove third member again; retrieve the scrap metal pieces that were used as spacers earlier.
  12. Reinstall third member.
  13. Go ride!


Thank you for your purchase!